Provider Code of Conduct

By being accepted as a registered provider, I agree that I will comply with the following conditions in order to best support the clients I work with and protect the integrity of NBSL and the North East Business Support Fund:

  • I will provide a professional, high quality and value for money service meeting the stated needs and timescales of clients at all times.
  • I will not subcontract any of the development work where this arrangement has not been highlighted to NBSL when providing the Cost Proposal / Quote.
  • I will not deliver funded projects to clients with whom I have a legal or financial relationship (Director, Shareholder etc).
  • I will not collude with a client to falsely inflate the price of the development work
  • I will not collude with a client to attract funding for work which is not completed
  • I will not provide the client with any form of monetary contribution towards the contracted value of the project before, during or after the delivery of the work.

I understand that failure to comply with these conditions will result in the implementation of the Suspension Procedures described in Annex A and Annex B (download here).

I understand that this Code of Conduct applies to each Provider’s organisation, its employees, its agents and any person acting as its agent.

I understand that any service offered to an organisation and subsequently used by an organisation shall not incur NBSL in any liability or legal responsibility, whether such a service is accepted, implemented or rejected by the organisation.

I understand that NBSL have complete discretion over which organisations are accepted onto the Provider Register and remain on the Provider Register thus having the right to deliver support via the North East Business Support Fund.